Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BLD Restaurant

Address: 36 Toronto Street
Neighbourhood: Downtown (Financial District)

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - not cafe.

While serving decent food near the financial district, located on the street level of Millichamps Building circa 1874, home of the original Excelsior Insurance Company. Famous Architect, Edward James Lennox designed the exterior fitting for a transforming Toronto during the booming times of the late 1800s. Historical in all context, it's a popular opposite to the interior of BLD.

Machine: Saeco
Beans: Dark Italian roast from Cafe Madeline
Verdict: High Acidity - typical of Stale Beans
Please PASS, 
 KEEP CALM, and Definitely CARRY ON.

What you will find: the space within the restaurant is well designed.
Modern Sleek.
Projector: classic films, and great artwork.
Too bad the food is okay, the coffee could be better.... 
and there is heavy competition for that Bay Street Buck

Hump Day Question: Aesthetics or Quality?

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