Friday, June 17, 2011

First Experience: b Espresso Bar

b Espresso Bar
Address: 65 Dundas Street East
              Located within the BOND Hotel
Neighbourhood: Downtown (Central)

b espresso bar has three location within the confines of Toronto. Starting their first shop next to George Restaurant on Queen St. East (near Church), it's customer base has really grown. Opening up two other locations - inside Bond Hotel, and RCM lobby seems like a good idea to change my outlook on automated hotel coffee.

b espresso bar - where the "b" stands for barsita, makes me wonder whether it's serving another purpose...filling a void in venues where traditionally coffee isn't prepared by a dedicated barista and flavours are quite lacking.

Downtown hotels - cater to visitors/tourists that have come to explore the city. What better way than to showcase classic Italian-style roasted coffees from local Classic Gourmet. Allowing guests to curb the big chain annoyance within hotels.

The Basics:
Machine: Faema E61
Grinder: Maikong
Beans: Custom Blend
Roasters: Rufino Espresso
Located: Concord, ON
Veridct: Smooth shot - with nice rounded body. Hints of chicory and a smokey taste. Chocolate throughout, and not high on the acidity level.

Pretty good for downtown Toronto. Should you visit the location on Queen - it's a different feel from the bond hotel lobby.
Plus you get to see inside of George's Restaurant... I always want to spend that extra little time to peer into their kitchen...

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