Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jazz, Coffee, Patio: Sublime

The Sublime Cafe
Address: 219 Augusta
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

Smack in the Market, ala Kensington, there is a spot that could describe the vibe that is ever so present.
Chill with a dash of art.
That would be my description of Sublime.
A bit of a front "porch" area doesn't really give away too much.

Once you step inside.....
it's a different story. An amazingly painted wall mural adorns on side of the cafe, and a record collection for you the purchase is where you'll find boxes of vinyl.
The wooden bar wraps around the back space creating an alluring "coolness" that can't be explained.
There's this subtle cool that embodies the space ... and I think that's how they wanted it.

The basics

Machine: Victoria Arduiro Athena Leva - 2 Group
Grinder: Maikong V30
Beans: Inconti (Blend)
Roaster: Rufino (Classic Gourmet)
Located: Concord, ON
Cost: $2.50

Verdict: Rufino, well-crafted using the manual machine. Chocolate throughout with a hint of citrus. Dialed in correctly, and rightfully so - as these manual machines don't mess with ya. But this is the second machine here in the hood - as ideal also uses the same machine.... Are they the same thing?
Heck no, different beans, different water pressure, different baristas working the bar.

Definitely come by for a quick espro, to sip it slowly on the outside patio.
A great oasis and hangout spot in the market.

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