Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chemex musings

Cloudy Saturday Morning..

Pulled out the Chemex, after much V60 love, thought I'd dust out this amazing brewing device.
It's featured in the MoMA...that's got to be something to say about its' design and function.

July is approaching, so not only will you see summer inspired, iced drinks..but getting back into my other toys. (Blush- sheeply slides away)

Brewed: kochere, yirgacheffe.
Roasted: Caffe Pronto
A couple more cups and I'm out of this delicious honey lemon, black tea, crisp coffee.

No recipe, as I'm still searching for the right ratios for this limited coffee...but I will need to experiment on my next bag.
Any suggestions out there for either a new balanced blend, or a SO that is WOW'ing you right now?

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Posting more NYC love, and an impromptu EA completed last week. I loved the un-planned adventures.....
Canada long weekend will mean restful times at the lake, but maybe ill sneak back early to do a EA/ Coffee crawl....thoughts?

Happy Espresso Adventures!
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