Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fahrenheit Coffee

Fahrenheit Coffee
Address: 248 The Esplanade
Neighbourhood: The Esplanade
website, @FarenheitTO

Opening the new space on May 1st - Sameer Mohammed and the COAG team use this space as a forefront to Toronto's indie coffee scene. If you're not familiar with Sameer's work, look no further than the early months of Sense Appeal, and last years Central Canadiain Regional Barista Championships (finishing 2nd) and moving onto the Canadian Barista Champs last fall.
His craftsmanship and attention is at the forefront of this shop.
Having noticed that his presence was lost from Sense Appeal - I went a knocking to see what he was up to, and I soon found out about the new space and the next project: Fahrenheit Coffee.

Moving towards the trend for smaller spaced cafes, Fahrenheit focus is the much loved Della Corte Pro. Placed right in the doorway, its really hard to avoid eye contact, or avoid what this spot is about: espresso.

The Basics:
Machine: Della Corte Pro (3 group)
Grinder: Maklhonig V30 Hario, and the V30 Twin
Beans: Diablo (Brazil + Colombia)
             Kenyan Kandara
             Brazil Delarisse
Roasters: Te Aro Roasterd
Located: Leslieville (Toronto, ON)
Price: $2.50 (dble espro shot)
Verdict: Kenyan: Nice velvet texture with a hints of lightly grilled tomatoes but with a pleasantly sweet grapefruit kick.Definitely surprised with the flavours!

Not only was the shot pulled with attention, but the machine was dialed-in, considering it's right by the door - fine craftsmanship by the team of barista.
Definitely wonder how this machine would do if they pulled some super short shots (ala NYC style).... maybe when Sameer is back from his trip to Kenya.
There is a stand-up bar located on the opposite side to converse and sip/drink your bevvy, but other than that - this space is good to fit 10-15 MAX.... Hence no washrooms.
When you look past the bar, you'll notice double doors with many machines/grinders and table space....
What could this space be all about?

COAG - (site) is all about grinding/brewing and home to the B2B Coffee School - where they train baristas, educate coffee lovers and have general course on coffee cupping, and cafe openings
They've been around for a while - but were located uptown. Now that they've secured a space located downtown, I can only see more restaurants, cafe, and food industry start to send their barista over.

They're also associated with barista competitions.
All about quality in attaining the perfect cup, I couldn't see a better partnership between the two. Slightly out of the way from high volume traffics of Queen W or College - it'll become a better alternative to Distillery District giants. They've just celebrated their first month in the spot - go and check them out. I'm sure you'll have a great conversation with the barista. Who were super friendly, and seriously bummed I couldn't try Diablo -- will need to return to report on Diablo. Excited about the CCBC
(Central Regional comps coming up in July - stay tuned for more info
I'm pretty sure Sameer and his team will be competing - #justsaying.


  1. Hey Cin,

    Thanks for the fabulous review!

    Look forward to seeing you when I am back

    Sameer from Fahrenheit

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