Thursday, June 9, 2011


Bulldog Cafe
Address: 789 Granby Avenue
Neighbourhood: The Village

Tucked away on Granby, it's not hard to see why locals try to hide this cafe, keeping it their little secret. It's good, and they know it.
Owner Stuart Ross started this spot when the convenience store posted their "for lease" sign, and this is how the village came to know its' coffee. Just a block away from Yonge Street, and around the corner from neighbourhood charmer's a local institution that attracts more and more followers.
Tight for space, as the narrow shop allows for 4 tables, and a bar that's almost 3/4 of the shop it houses an old school refurbished Manual Machine. Far and few of these - but definitely catches your eye upon entering the shop.
On this lovely afternoon, Ross was on bar and pulled a shot for me. With a small menu, laced with signature drinks, and wholesome baked goods it acts as the quintessential meeting spot.

The Basics:
Machine: La San Marco Manual
Beans: Private Blend (secrets no more: SuperBar)
            7 Bean Blend
Roasters: Rufino (Classic Gourmet)
Located: Concord, ON

It's a charmer.
Verdict: Very rich chocolately, with subtle honey flavours.

Having been in many barista competitions, and knows his machine like no other - I was glad to see that Ross greets his customer with respect and attention.
Great shops, start with caring owners and well trained barista. He mentioned that he got his early training from West-Coast fave Mr.Piccolo. Wow!

Speaking of Barista Competitions: Central Canadian Regional Barista Competition happening July 5th-6th.
located at St.Lawrence Market.
More information follow them on twitter @ccbctoronto

Take a break from your day, and come sit at this downtown cafe, closer enough to Yonge St., Ryerson, and the Village - not to mention hot spot Guu.


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