Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Manic Muffins

Monday Morning Manic Muffins

This will be my warp-up from the past week to highlight news and comments for all things coffee.

I must admit, I used to go to Manic Coffee every Monday morning - post run. Where we'd catch up from the weekend and start our weeks off with a good rundown/layout of events ahead.
Manic became our "go-to" spot in the neighbourhood - a meeting place where we'd bump into friends more often than not.
But that ritual has not happened since last year, and i find myself on assignment around the city.... Mondays are a mental shake-up for me, where I adjust my week and prioritize projects.... to help me with this, I use the morning to review what I did over the previous week. Successes, disappointments, improvements... and outlooks.

Here's my tribute to one of the best morning combos in the city:
the buttery moist lushish Berry Muffin paired with Americano (BlackCat - Intelligenstia style).

What you missed from last week:
  • Tons of chatter about Stumptown, 90% private investment from TSG (NYT, (, Coffegeek, ) and the article that started it all: Carmichael's article... which followed by a statement from Daune.
  • James Hoffman won the UK Brewers Cup on Saturday - he's going to Maaschrict, NL for Worlds
  • Several new openings last week: Crema, Bulldog.
  • Summers here: Oliver Strand piece on Iced Coffee, Japanese style (Ristretto: on the rocks)
  • Counter Culture released their transparency report (here) MAD respect for placing this information on the interwebs for all to see where they have Direct Trade relationships. BOLD.
There were definitely a whole whack of other stories out there, but these were the ones that caught my eye. There was discussion on VST from Mark (Coffeegeek), and about WBC newly crown champion: Alejandro Mendez from El Salvador....

Espresso Adventures.

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