Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Common

The Common
Address: 1071 College Street
Neighbourhood: Little Portugual
They don't need a webiste.

The Common has been a spot that I've been recommended on good word from West-enders - and they live by their cafe. With the many neighbourhoods starting to embrace redevelopment/change or new businesses popping up and trying to charm locals. The Common is part nieghbourhood hangout, social hub, and conversation start. The Decor is very simple, with no menu - so if you weren't familiar with any espresso based drinks - you'd have to ask the semi-friendly barista... Otherwise talk about intimidating. It's not just this location, but cafe culture and independent cafes have this intimidation factor to them - even though they're all super welcoming. Not only do you need to be confident in what you order, but also have to be comfortable in these tight shops. Many friends have felt stand-offish when joining me on Espresso Adventures... but they're okay when they go with myself.... What's your thoughts?
Finally able to actually document the location as we made the Saturday mid-day post ride refuel worth the efforts of doing the hills along bloor. There's something to be said about bikes and coffee shops. JetFuel, Dark Horse, Starbucks (ahem)....
Maybe bikers need a little pick-me-up....

There was wooden church pews located inside the cafe - and small tables that you can share - if you dont mind sitting with people studying away with their cue cards, or brushing up against the post park going moms. It's the community spot. But dont expect your drinks to be pushed out in 2 minutes - the baristas take pride in their craft - even if it takes slightly longer than other locations to get your drink out.
They usually offer a medium or dark roast for espresso - and pour in the hot water for your americanos - up to your specifications.
Prices are quite cheap - and it's so laid back, that you feel at home (instantly)

The Basics:
Machine: 2 Group Elektra Barlume
Grinder: Mazzer Major with Manual Doser
Beans: (medium) Superbar (dark) Inconti
Roasters: Rufino
Located: Concord, ON
Cost: $2 (tight/short dble)

Verdict: chocolate- chocolate - balanced - chocolate...
Medium roast

Does that explain my short espresso shot? Chocoalte throughtout.
Will I trek across town - probably not - but it's a nice cafe to chill out at in the appropriate summer weather.

Happy Espresso Adventures!


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