Saturday, June 4, 2011

WBC 2011 Finals schedule

Bogota, Colombia- Venue for the WBC (World Barista Championship)

Competitive coffee-- where Barista must make the 12 drinks within 15 minutes. All while describing their choice of beans along with slinging out 4 sets of (espresso, cappuccino, and a signature drink)
Points are awarded via sensory and technical Judges. This is as competitive as it gets for professional baristas.

53 nations, now down to 6 Barista vying for the title.

Schedule is up...can USA bring home another title?

All times (EDT) eastern time

1 Spain Javier Garcia 12:15pm
2 Japan Miki Suzuki 12:45pm
3 Australia Matthew Ian Perger 1:15pm
4 El Salvador Alejandro Mendez 1:45pm
5 UK John Gordon 2:15pm
6 USA Pete Licata 2:45pm


Catch the action live here:

And archive Semi-finals action here:

Anyone want to put up predictions?
Feel free to comment

Should the general public care?
Read this great piece from @transcendcoffee - they write a great article about why mainstream should care! Amazing read: .

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