Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crema: Danforth (open for business)

New Player in the Eastside of the Don.
Crema (Danforth)
Address: 508 Danforth Avenue
Neighbourhood: The Danforth
website, @cremacoffee, FB

Geoff and the Crema team have been hard at work transforming the former sweets and bakery shop.The burgeoning boom of the Danforth has seen some action in recent months.
With Dolce Gelato, and Pizzeria Libretto coming soon - West-end favourites are trying to convince the granola/soul loving/big carrot buying  families - that they know food and food well.

Case in point, Crema Coffee Co. We thought we were going to see the third location inside of the Freshii on Spadina, but I guess that neighbourhood will have to wait, seeing as Dark Horse 2, SenseAppeal, Jimmy's Coffee were in high saturation. Just a little bit longer expected opening for 140 Spadina Avenue.

East end is not "boring", it's very neighbourhood centric - and as we start to see cafes popping up - does that mean they take on the neighbourhood or embody the space. Crema does a great job of keeping it's branding, charm, and unique style of White/pure walls and small tabled seating in this third location.

Spotted: Red 3 Group La Marazzoco FB80
Grinder: Mazzer
Beans: Epic Espresso® (since May 6th -Jun 4/11)
Composition: El Salvador La Providencia Estate                            (1200-140m)
                     Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines (1200 m)
                     Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Amaro Gayo            (1600-1900 meters elevation)
Roasters: 49th Parallel
Located: Vancouver, BC
Verdict: Nice sweet yet balanced shot with higher acidity than my last Epic shot. Great Quality and Care at Crema
Roasters notes: culmination of our search for the sweetest and most complex espresso we can create the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
Roasters Specs: Grouphead at 200-201° F
                          19 g
                          26-26 sec
                          28 g of liquid espresso

Crema is definitely being embraced by "easties", and to show that Crema is all about neighbourhoods... they are hosting a monthly live music showcase. (information here).

Nice job expanding to 3 location, looks like Geoff will be the first with 4 locations.... We'll wait and see.

Leaving with you with some shots of the cafe
Remember next week is Father's Day -- if he's coffee nerd, do it RIGHT.

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