Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food for Thought: The Bellevue

Hump day - Wednesday - will feature a new section of restaurants.

The Bellevue
Address: 61A Bellevue Avenue (corner of Nassau and Bellevue)
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market
Meal: Brunch

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day - but second to that is Brunch. Tucked in that time zone where you've clearly woke up later than the usual 7am, and drifted past your start time for conventional business hours. You've now creeped into the "sleeping in" time of 10am. Not quite feeling like a bowl of cereal as your appetite will not be sated. Too early for soup and sandwich, but the craving is ever so present.... Now what?. That's how I feel about brunch.The joyous meal, where Breakfast and Lunch foods come together. Quite happy with the fusion brunch culture in Toronto.
Downtown brunch consists of the typical omelette specials, staple eggs and bacon, and most likely french toast. All of these options are available at The Bellevue but during this visit we ordered the steak and eggs w/ homemade buttermilk biscuits and we had to do a staple: French Toast - strawberries and pears with sausage.

Their menu consists of great quality flavours for typical brunch prices - but portions seem to fill you up. Wholesome products. Good go to location!

Your waiting for the espresso:
Machine: 2 group
Grinder: Mazzer
Beans: server said unknown.
             tasted like ideal's blend.

Verdict: long espresso shot - with a nice accent of brightness that subsides into a general cocoa. Flavours don't stand out, but a pretty decent shot. Enjoyed the first couple of sips, but as the shot cooled the acidity and brightness exploded.

To each their own.

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