Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Honest letter - why I haven't been writing

Dear Readers,

This is an honest letter as to why I haven't been writing for the past year:

At first it was the excuse of "I'm busy" or that the idea of creating a great post turned into writers block. Then it turned into excuses after excuses. The best one I used was - "Oh man, this is so stale, I can't use it! Now my draft box sits at 228,  never to be published, and counting. Some will never make it here, some will.

Second, I found that Social media pages like FB, Twitter and Instagram was easier - and I didn't think to put into place a system to auto post to all pages -- this is the limitations of Blogger, I fully accept this.

Third - I finally merged over to Wordpress, only to have my site hacked .... Fun Times. With a capable webmaster that thought they could fix it -- 1-2 months of work, disappeared -- back to drawing board.

Lastly, life events, travel and non coffee related projects have taken a majority of my time. Starting a business and devoting time, energy and resources has been draining. It's been good though. Not complaining.

So to all, I apologize, but I'm still here, still drinking coffee, still sharing my experience with those that I encounter.

Through social media I was able to meet up in REAL LIFE with some pretty cool people in NYC, Chicago, Calgary, Edmonton, Boston and LA. Keeping up with the scene over in AUS, HK, London, and aboard is much easier these days. I'm thankful for this community!

Toronto has seen a boom in cafe/ coffee shops over the past 15 months. Some that will survive and some that will not. There has been an increase in coffee shop owners turned coffee roasters and to that I am excited about creating conversation for this site.

As always Espresso Adventures would like to continue to bring coffee to your screens, with an immediate focus of the Toronto scene. I haven't always done my best to keep you updated, but I trust that you will continue this journey with me. I will start posting more, more about the shops, and more about the coffee that the great city of Toronto has to offer. Keep drinking coffee, this is my #cupUP.

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