Monday, June 24, 2013

NOW Magazine searches for Toronto's Best of....

Now Magazine, a free local magazine, is searching for the Best of.

Based on reader's vote, this year survey has expanded with new categories.

Here are some things to vote for:

Best Barrista  I wasn't aware that they are now called Barrista (I thought it was Barista)
(some known names, and fresh faces... Definitely missing a handful of my favourites)
I think it should read Matt Taylor of Manual Labour Coffee..... imho

Best Cappuccino  (heavy on the EAST side)

Best Coffeehouse (notable ones missing: SJCB, Manic, Capital, Fahrenheit, Crema)

Best Espresso (huh......)

Best Latte

Best Beans (coffee wise) --> I'm not too sure about the readers suggestions

I'll keep my opinions to myself, but I'm happy that the coffee scene is growing.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great news for Pilot Coffee

Finally offically announced:

Pilot Coffee (sharing space within their Te Aro Coffee location) have secured their own space around the corner.

Kudos on the amazing developments.

What does this mean for the new open space?
- More seating?
-More kitchen space
-More retail
-Sensory lab?

Skies the limit.

Congratulations Pilot Cofee

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reunion lends a hand

Nice shot of Reunion Island at last weekends Toronto Taste, a charity event organized by Second Harvest

Photo courtesy of Toronto Life

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PIG Iron Coffee Roasters in the NEWS!

PIG Iron Coffee Roasters are highlighted in the G+M (Globe and Mail.

MICE 2013

The world barista championship and world brewers cup happened two weeks ago. Congratulations team USA for taking the sweep in both categories. Pete Licata, and Erin McCarthy.
Lots of competition this year, ESP from the Aussies, and fan favorites.

See you all in Italy 2014!
SCAA Seattle 2014!

Off to compare notes,notes, notes.