Friday, June 3, 2011

Moonbean Coffee Company

Address: 30 St. Andrews Street
              (St.Andrews and Kensington)
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

Moonbean Coffee Company established itself in 1995 bringing a presence for micro/batch roasting. Giving a local choice for Toronto - it's been a mainstay in the for well over a 15 years. What's brings established coffee go-ers to this location, relaxed feel.
Citizens of Toronto discover this charm most likely during their travels through the Market - and once they find this charming spot it begs for more frequent visits.

The Basics:
Machine: Italian workhorse - Astoria
Grinder: Mazzar Robar
Beans: Espresso Blend
Compositions: Secret Blend of 5 Different Origins
Roasters: Moonbean Coffee Co.
Located: Toronto, ON

Verdict: Pleasant in milk-based drink. This blend is quite forgiving, but prepared on it's own -- the brightness is quite a handle on my palette. My friendly barista suggests i give it another go in Latte or Cap format and I follow suit.

With new drink in hand, a sense of rejoice in the charm of the Market fills my sensory. Another location with a coveted two patios - ample space with tables and chairs scattered so tightly - you would think we were in a European market. Catch a few pages of your novel or just chat up with friends. Lots of character - and a meeting spot for UofT goers. It is a mecca for students.

Don't forget about the roaster located in the front window.
Come by to pick up a lbs of any coffee from the coffee belt, or just a cup of joe.

Espresso Adventures.

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