Thursday, June 30, 2011

Features Bean: A3

Spotted: Senseappeal
Located: 96 Spadina Avenue (Spadina +Adelaide)
website, @senseappeal, 416-907-8524

Introducing the newest roast: A3
Composition: Ethiopian Sidamo - Ardi

Senseappeal is more of a retail laboratory for coffee experiments where they subject their customer base to their optimal roasting profiles. Taking a scientific approach to roasting, and finding the best roasting profile takes a lot of batches, but the Senseappeal team doesn't mind .

This latest edition takes the Sidamo - Ardi in its third incarnation, otherwise known as "roasting profile"

Machine: Della Corte (3 Group)
also on site: DC Pro (pictured above)

Verdict: Strawberries, with a muted chocolate presence.
Pulled in two single shots and serves on a plate - how cute, but more on the technical side - pulling two single shots as compared to pulling a double through a naked portafilter, is a more smooth and velvety shot, less chance for bubbling action.

What impresses me about this shop, is the constant rotation of seasonal blends, or Single Origin, BUT they house two 3 group machines - Definitely think this is the only location in town with 2 heavy duty workhorses.

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