Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NY: Counter Culture Coffee (Educational Centre) DC

Counter Culture Coffee - DC edition
Address: 1836 Columbia Road NW Suite 202
Neighbourhood: Adams Morgan
City: Washington, D.C.

North Carolina, Durham - WHADDUP!
The epic-centre for transparency within the micro-roasting community brings our US trip to Counter Culture - DC training centre.

1995 - Statrt of CCC
2011 - 9 Training Centres in the USA. (LARGE!)
Having made it to Penn Stn (Bus stop), and boarded a bus headed to Baltimore for 6am, was exactly what I needed on a Friday morning. Yet, Samuel from Keffa Coffee didn't have to really convince to join a guided tour of DC and Maryland. He suggested that our first stop should be DC's Counter Culture Coffee Training Centre. Recently, there have been big name roasters in the states: Intelligenstia, Stumptown, and I would now like to include Counter Culture Coffee into the mix - really breaking into the NYC scene with more and more cafes stocking their beans.
As we pulled up to Adams Morgan - more a quaint, well kept middle class neighbourhood, we approached a yellow exterior building. Looking more like a Loft/Office building - catering towards the arts community we entered the buzzer only building.
As we walked through the posh hallway - it felt like someones lobby - you know, those condo types.
Once we got off of the elevator, it was clear that CCC invested monies into creating the perfect environment for coffee geeks, baristas looking for more training, and newbies.
On Fridays CCC-DC hosts a free coffee cupping - todays focus was on Ethiopian origins.
Fitting as Samuel imports green beans from his home country under Keffa Coffee.

On the table was 4 different types:

Idido - to be features as a two process espresso.
Konga: jasmine, honey,
Kilseno Mokonsia: blueberry, raspberry, cocoa.

All great tasting roasts to start a day of coffee cupping and espresso adventures. During the short stint at Counter - I was able to chat with Alex about the DC scene - it's slowly growing - and introduced myself to several Barista working at the shops that Counter supplied.

They had a 3 or 4 different espresso machines - various coffee equipment - for different brewing methods, and glassware/tampers/ and coffee ware that would make you giddy.

Really didn't spend longer than an hour - but it homey to be amongst coffee geeks. Always a win-win situation to chat about the passions you all have.

Leave you with a nice photo of Alex holding a coffee bean that's been roasted but the parchment was not removed.... Great start.
Check back next week for more NYC/Baltimore/DC adventures.

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