Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DC: Filter Coffee House

Filter Coffee House
Address: 1726 20th Street NW
Neighbourhood: Adams Morgan

City: Washington, D.C.
website, @twitter, (202) 234-5837

Opening their (cellular) doors in March 2010 in fairly hip-n-happening neighbourhood of Washington called Adams Morgan. Located on the northwestern front of Washington, D.C. its' become a hub for bars, trendy shops, and amazing cafes. 
Case in point: Filter Coffee House.

The owner of Filter had a passion for coffee, and developed a great relationship with their roaster: Caffe Pronto. As the coffee industry changed, and his knowledge expanded he made the leap and invested his time and money into this thriving location. I guess we're quite spoiled in Toronto, with the boom of indie shop.

Filter is located on a half-basement, where the mood suddenly changes upon entering, as this cool, hip vibe of warm orange and dark stained wooden fruniture appeals to your senses. The long narrow shop gives customers a greater sense of calm. You'll noticed that they have a special bar menu of limited engagement roasts, along with their staples of Pronto's finest. Sweet Cheeks.

What impressed me the most was the Pour-over bar setup.3 steel rods, supporting up to 7 Hario V60s.
with a vented splash bottom. Loved how it was integrated into the bar, between the Cash and the machine.

The workhorse of the cafe - LM FB80 painted the warm orange and wrapped in Filter logo. It's quite attractive, and you'll definitely notice it's presence. 

On this afternoon, we decided to try 2 different types of Espresso, seeing how this was the first official stop on the DC Espresso Adventure, had to start LARGE.
The Basics
Machine: 3 Group La Marzocco FB80
Grinder: Mazzar Robur
Beans: Sweet Cheeks
             2 Brazils, 1 Panama
Roasters: Caffe Pronto
Located: Annapolis, MD
Verdict: Super chocolately, balanced acidity, rich pleasant finish - gives a refreshing taste.
Shot #2
Beans: SO El Salvador Apaneca Shangr-La
Roasters: Caffe Pronto
Verdict: much brighter (but a pleasent lightness)
A Great start to the DC tour: Leave you with this lovely artwork, which screams my lifestyle.
People, Bikes, Coffees....=good times!

Tune in next Tuesday for more


  1. Don't ever book a trip to PDX or SFO... Even one day will make you realize you are far from SPOILED in YYZ (coffee-wise)... Although the indie cafe scene has vastly improved over the last 5 years, the local YYZ roaster scene is not on the map (IMO).

  2. agree Admas Morgan has always been the highlight of Washington...

  3. Thanks espressosnob.. there goes my trip to LAX/SFO/PDX/SEA ... Have a taste of SFO last summer, I've been itching to go back and spend more time exploring the coast....