Monday, June 6, 2011

First Experience: Broadview Espresso

Broadview Espresso
Address: 817 Broadview Avenue
Neighbourhood: Danforth (north)

Former location of an Adult Video and Mags store - it's transformed into a more subdued local hangout that you do not have to hide your face in fear of oschertization. Upon entering the location it's renovation were so stark and transformative. You wouldn't have imagined that the windows that allow in the bright sun were once papered up - and could turn into a cafe within this cozy neighbourhood.
How's the neighbourhood handling the influx of cafe/ hangout/ meeting spots.... Quite well I, given that Crema will be opening it's doors on The Danforth in a couple of days -- Broadview Espresso holds it's own.
Seriving coffees from Concord, ON - Classic Gourmet and Rufino line - keeps them on their toes, while creating a homey feel.
The cafe has great bar-window action, that wraps around the front, and scattered with small tables - great idea to pop in on a sunday afternoon.

The Basics:
Machine: 2 group Elektra Classic
Grinder: Mazzar
Beans: Rufino Espresso
Composition: Serveral Countries
Roasted: Rufino
Loacted: Concord, Ontario

Verdict: This double shot was pulled longer than my taste preference - not as tight as Domestique. Body was there but tasted almost ashy and surprisingly brighter than I remember. Almost served like a very small americano, quite possibly extraction time was longer than nomal.

This spaces is greater purpose as a neighbourhood joint, where runners or bikers in their spandex can cap off a workout with a couple of 'spro and enjoy it at one of the two outdoor "patio" tables.
Is it worth the walk north of Broadview ... I'll let you decide.

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