Monday, June 20, 2011

Features Bean: Kenyan Kangunu

LIMITED... might even be GONE, but get there QUICK

Spotted: Mercury Espresso Bar
Roasters: George Howell/ Terrior

Details for Terrior: (here)

Country: Kenya
Farm: Kangunu Mill
Altitude: 5600 ft
Varietals: Bourbon SL 28 and SL 34
Harvest: 2009
Rainfall: Low to moderate
Production Method: WashedBittersweet Chocolate | Raisins | Blackberry | Black Currant | Plums

Verdict: Bittersweet chocolate, nice crisp plump currant, blackberry bursts of flavour and this tobacco finish. WOW.

Matt says it's the BEST shot he's had, hope he gets MORE soon.

The Kangunu mill is located in the Murang'a district. Murang'a is in the central province, northeast of Nairobi.

Kangunu is located in the Muranga District in northeast of Nairobi. It was established in 1970 and rests on a 5 acre piece of land serving Kiru, Njumbi and Ngoto villages. The Kangunu Coffee operation is run by Charles Chege with 14 permanent staff and as many as 25 employess during peak harvest season. Kangunu is affiliated with the Kangunu Farmers Co-operative Society. Its membership currently has 1340 are active farmers.

As Always  a tribute to my Bike.... Might be changing the ride soon... (gotta keep it Fresh N clean)

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