Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping me busy

This has been keeping me busy, but don't fret the holiday season has calmed down and I'll get to publishing the list soon.

Thanks Bowtruss for the timely coffee! Testing it along with some coffees from a recent trip to Aus. (More later)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Video: Coffee, Consume, connection?

SCAA Symposium talks are a great think tank, and they've release a talk from earlier this year.

Here is Tracy Ging talking about consumers and how tell perceive "specialty" coffee industry.
What things matter to the consumer at home vs outside of home?
Does everyone want to know about where the coffee comes from?

These are just a couple of topics addressed.

Watch now:

Top 10 Toronto Cafe (2012)

Welcome to the holiday season, it's already mid December and I've yet to put up our choices for 2012.
Let's give a run-down of how we're putting this piece together:

As we know... Toronto is in a cafe boom (see the Grid's write-up in Feb).. or so we're led to believe.
As more and more coffee shops open up, question comes to mind.
Do they have the staying power?
Do they capture the market?
What draws customers to their location?

This is an opinion piece for later this month (on those holiday mornings were you want to read a 2,000 word piece on coffee, economics and sustainability). Updates have been sparse this year, and it's mainly due to some writer's block, but other life events and travelling. Nevertheless, the site continues, and hopefully in 2013 we'll see more actual write-ups. Many roasters to feature and just going back to the basics of dispersing information for those curious enough to find this site. Thanks for reading!

Here are the lists from the past:
2011 - (link)
2010 - (link)

So let us celebrate 10 locations in Toronto that are always consistent, welcoming and just a great place to enjoy your coffee/espresso.



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Featured Bean: BowsXArrows Nic, Pradera

Found @ Mercury Espresso
Address: 915 Queen St. East
Neighbourhood: Leslieville

Roasters: Bows x Arrows Coffee Roasters
Located: Victoria, B.C  twitter:
Farm: Finca La Pradera
Farmers: David Ariel Lovo Guterrez
Origin: Dipilto, Neuva Segovia
Bean: Caturra (1450msl)

Machine: Hario V60, with V3 Kone Filter
Grinder: Hario Slim

Verdict: Buttery smooth, baked tree nuts;  Very easy drinkable coffee. No surprises here, just familiar warmth upon drinking.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sense of calm

Been brewing up a bunch of new roasters/ or relatively new to me, and been pleasantly enjoying all this brewed love.

Thinking of the sense of calm before the storm(aka Holidays), and the rush of events.
the SERBC just wrapped up this weekend, and it was really great to see all of the twitter activity, and keeping up to date with the comp.

I'll be posting some thoughts of my top 10 locations in Toronto as well as some essential gear that coffee/espresso lovers should have in their inventory.

Happpppy week!