Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday; sunshine

In the light of World Brewers Cup and the official kick off to Summer, I've decided to post up a photo of the cold brew that I did last week on those hot, humid days.
Used my V60 Hario set... Yes, I went that route...and used Andy from Caffe Pronto's Brewers Cup competition beans.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere

Recipe Ratio:
1oz ground beans
8 oz. Hot water
5oz. Of Ice
Brewed the regular way of pre-infusion, and pour-over method....
Verdict; refreshingly cool black tea- sweetness of honey lemon drops, with crisp chocolate mouthfeel.
What a great way to enjoy my afternoon.
Feeling like hitting a cafe this weekend? Here are my top choices to experience Cold brew or Ice drinks.
1) Cold Brew Crafted on Ossington
2) Iced Americano at Mercury Espresso
3) Toddy over at Lit on College
4) Iced Americano at Farenheight
Enjoy the weekend.
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