Thursday, April 14, 2011

NY: Cafe Grumpy (Chelsea)

Cafe Grumpy
Address: 224 West 20th Street
Neighbourhood: Chelsea
Borough: Manhattan
website; @cafegrumpy ;212-255-5511

Day 4 of NY: Espresso Adventure meant that I would have to get an early start if I wanted to fit in 2 locations before brunch date in the Lower East Side (Clinton's to be exact).
Early departure of 7am just felt right, like I was on my way to work. BEAUTIFUL crisp North East Winter Morning, with the sun gleaming down, it was my mission to get'er done.
Riding the A Line uptown from Greenwich made me feel like a local. Grabbing the Metro, I caught up on the news and was ready to emerge into Chelsea.
The neighbourhood would not disappoint as the iconic New York escape ladders adorned West 20th, on a unique tree-lined block. it was a comforting sight.
As I briskly walked to my local cafe I popped into Cafe Grumpy's second location. Having opened up in 2006 Grumpy was the first in NYC to offer a menu of coffees to choose from, all brewed by the cup.
: Synesso Cyncra
Doser: Mazzer Robur E
Turnover: High - neighbourhood joint
Beans: Heartbreaker
Blend: Dec '10 - Colombia Matambo
               Colombia El Meridianio
               Costa Rice Los Angeles

Music: Radiohead
Seating:small tables - with high tables along the mirrored wall. You'll most likely find a spot as LAPTOPS aren't premitted, and no wifi so it's only face-to-face meetings her. At 7:30am, I was able to find a spot to map out my full fledged Espresso Adventure.
Most Popular Drink: Cappuccino
Verdict: The double Colombian coffees add such a complex development as the espresso cooled down - highlighting blackberry/raspberry compote with sweet caramel finish.RICH mouth feel.

This is definitely a cafe that's embraced the space consciousness of Manhattan, and the local hood. 
If I lived in Chelsea/Meat Packing/Hell's Kitchen... I'd bike down to this location for my caffeine fix.

Their Philosophy:
Collaboration where we try to serve great tasting and responsibly sourced coffee.

(read up about the original location, where they have their in house Roaster here)
 Especially loving their ORANGE espresso cups!

Heartbreaker I cry for more!
Seasonal blends where the roasters try to keep a consistent profile are incredibly difficult to maintain. 
So don't break my heart and dump me... just preserve the amazing memories we've had.
Heartbroken for NYC...
(don't worry TO, I still love thee)


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