Monday, April 11, 2011

In our backyard: Dundas, ON (Part 2)

 Dundas Part 1 found here
I forgot about this series -- but here is the contination of my trip to Dundas - can you consider this the GTA?? I don't, so here's the the Gems found outside of the Hmmer!

Domestique-Café Cyclo Sportif
12 Miller's Lane
Dundas, Ontario
1-905-628-6537 twitter

Located just off of King Street in a renovated house, through a side street gives you a glimpse of a charming 1950s structure. With an old screen door you're instantly welcomed with warm smiles that greet you as you start to defrost from our cold Canadian weather. With cycle jerseys and credential tags adorning the walls you feel as if you have been  transported to Canada's Cycling museum.

It was such a pleasure to meet Kris the owner on our visit. He guided us through the 4 MadCap grinders that were perched up beside the sleek One Group and Two Group Elektra Machines.

Elektra "Sixies" Compact Series
Grinder: Mad Cap 4 in total
Beans: Several espresso profiles from Rufino
Roaster: Classic Coffee
Located: Concord, ON (North of the city)

Pulling some heavy single shots (14-15g), Kris goes with Classic Coffee - re branded as Rufino after the owner John Rufino - because they are GREEN. Roasters create some emissions, but it falls in this grey area, and the government doesn't really know how to police bad roasters from good roasters. (more to be discussed - in a later post) Many roasters find space in industrial areas such that the smoke that they emit is somewhat "disguised" with their neighbours... BUT it's a double-edged sword to dive into this topic today.

Having the 2 group and 1 group works to his advantage. Allowing the extra group on busy peak hours and on the weekends, when the flow of customers is heavier baristascan open up the extra group to help elevate the traffic.
Kris guided my Dundas crew through 3 blends, most notably the Michela from Rufino - a bean that I tasted from Shawn at the Coffee and Tea show back in September. One of the more memorable shots for sure, and it appeals to my palette. His carefully and meticiously techniques made he dump at least 5 different shots, as the Robust in one of the blends was not creating the ideal crema that Kris wanted. He's a master of his craft.

To the right you'll find their signature drink: Condensed milk + shot of espresso
This is how they like to drink in Europe, most notably in Italy. I
believe this is also Michael Barry (Father) favourite drink.
IF he loves this drink, I thought I would give it a try as well, stirring the condensed milk into the hot espresso allows the espresso to cool down and meld with the sweetened milk. It tasted like milky way -- mmm it was delicious.

After the lovely tour - and being much caffeinated after the two pit stops, we had to go on a little walk through the main strip of Dundas.
I'll leave you with some cycling eye-candy for inspiration to bike out to Dundas in the next couple of months to visit the cafe and marvel at the new jerseys they've created.
 CCM baby
ZIPP table? Come on.


  1. Awesome!
    That Zipp table is pretty stellar.
    I'll have to find my way there if I'm in the neighbourhood!

    - Matt @Coffee Folk

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