Saturday, April 9, 2011


This post isn't really too much about any one particular cafes.

Pitstop *bux flagship store
Address: 72 Spring Avenue
Neighbourhood: SOHO
Experienced the new CLOVER machine.
Managed to get a hold of a S/O El Salvador Montecarlos Estate Pacamara (link)

But we all know coroporate, and stealing a photo would be a "no-no". It's not like I haven't experienced the CLOVER... just wanted to see how they're managing the technology and incorporating this brewed to cup perfection. (Yes I did go into corporate big chain store, but they're 40 years old - give 'em a break........)

Great pitstop, before shopping adventures ensued...
(click on the jump for more photos)

To round off the post - it must be the MoMA exhibit of CHEMEX!
Pleasently surprised that the design of a coffee making devices has been institualized for it's innovation. 

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