Sunday, April 24, 2011

NY: Clinton St. Baking Company


FOOD for Thought: 

Clinton St. Baking Company
Address: 4 Clinton Street (south of Houston)
Neighbourhood: Lower East Side
Tel: 646-602-6263

Having been rooted in Toronto for a while - I've noticed that there is quite the brunch culture. Many will line-up at the TOP locations for hours to be seated for an eventual dining experience. This was no different in NYC. Taking advice from good friend MS of Mesmer Mantra a trip to the EAST village was worth the trek to experience hearty morning ritual to fuel the body, and to infuse all of your clothes with that  AMAZING brunch smell.

If you've been following my NY Adventures, than you'll be familiar with the 3 cafe stops that I've already done prior to rushing back to the EAST village. 104 more espresso shots until death... but having had so much within 2 hours of my body waking up, and raising the bar on EXTREME espresso consumption.
Yeah, maybe next time.

Let's take a break here at Clinton Street Baking Co.
side note: Although New Yorkers are super willing to help tourist with direction, you might want to ask a couple of individuals, because I was getting conflicting information while walking down Avenue A..... yeah - maybe I should consult maps/phone/gps.... and then verify with locals, rather than taking advice for FULL value.
Sat down: ordered WATER and OJ....and then:

Country Breakfast: Three eggs (any style - OverEasy in my case), grilled 'cure 81' ham steak, hash browns, and buttermilk scone. (don't forget homemade raspberry jam)
Definitely will leave you with some food porn. Go ahead and drool while you are drinking your morning brew!

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