Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Experience: Quaff

Cafe Quaff
Address: 668 Queen Street West
Neighbourhood: Queen West
website: site has been under construction for a while.

Steps from Queen West fashion/boutique shopping - a saturated area for the coffee scene, sees no shortage of foot track. Now that the weather is getting better - hordes of citizens are flooding into the area. How does Quaff stand up?
Being a huge fan of natural light - the large window that allows for the most optimal spot to people watch the styles and fashionista stroll through the sidewalks. (speaking of which....RCSaveAS)

Down to business - Typical long bar set-up, with high ceilings and white walls adorning the wall.
Amazing collection of san pellegrino flavoured water sits at the back. Attention was not lost on this cafe... #justsaying, #lush

Machine: Elektra Compact T3 (beautiful looking)
Grinder: non-distinguishable.
Beans: Quaff Blend
Composition: 3 Country blend of Central American
Roasters: Mountain View
Located: Scarborough, ON

Verdict: Roasted with 1 part French and 2 parts Dark City profiles resulted in a toasted feeling, with a decent smooth aroma for my nose....

But that was all.... all looks and no taste.
Bitter flavoids, ash-y taste, enjoyable--- NO.
NOT a huge fan of this blend, or maybe it's the rotation of beans, but something wasn't kosher.
As the espresso cooled - there was a very bitter aftertaste to the drink and I couldn't consume the rest.
Well-prepared or not - the beans weren't fresh, given the traffic flow on Queen West... this seems suspect.
If you're on Queen West - you might want to walk another block west and visit Dark Horse (@Euclid).

Reminder LIT is no longer located in the Burroghes Building... get up to College Street.

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