Friday, April 22, 2011

NY: Ninth Street Espresso (Tompkins Square)

Ninth Street Espresso - Tompkins Square
Address: 341 East 10th St. (Between Ave A & B)
Neighbourhood: East Village
Borough: Manhattan
Tel: 212-777-3508 website

 The directions and advice to take the L train cross town was probably the best - as I've yet to try and figure out MTA's web of bus routes and bus stops. Quick jump off, and a scuttle down to
East10th street meant enough time to experience another triple shot of Alphabet Blend.

Circa 2001, the triple basket creating a syrupy rich shot, reminiscent of how overdosing was the rage - Ninth street continues this method developing that rich body an hyper-aware mouth feel, that's what we all love in Black Cat.
Overkill with 6 shots in 30 minutes... possibly, but I needed to experience the madenss and the limits that ones body could reach.
Death by caffeine would mean at least 115 shots...

By my calculation... I have room for 104 shots left. Plenty of time to reach my "death quota"

The cafe overlooks Tompkins Square and invites the East Village to pop into this warm space, polar opposite to Chelsea Market. Bright light from the storefront, and this peachy/warm yellow hues over the trendy exposed brick walls - I've encountered this trend in NYC.. is it just me who notices this awesomeness?

As you step into the shoppe - there was only 1 Barista "manning" the place. WHAT?! Doable - but the space has a limited menu - curbing customers to make their orders simple. No nonsense here.
Take-away cups are popular, as are the Cappuccinos. Speaking with the Barista, it's manly the "stop n go" shop of this three location empire. With limited seating - several high stools, and a bench on the opposite wall, which doesn't create an open palm invitation to "park and sip".
 Counter space/ Stool style.
 2-group La Marazzoco - Linea FB/70


Wall of beans and merch..... Alphabet Blend

Strolling though East Village

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