Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bean Talk: Panama Rio Serreno

Beans: Panama Rio Serreno
Spotted: Te Aro Roasted
No longer brewing as a SO (Single Origin), but you can find it in Te Aro's new espresso blend: Elevens.

Why are we so excited about these beans? Micro-lots pop up around the coffee belt, and it's not unique to just the Panama region. But if you scroll to the photo of the dried beans below you will see something unique about their processes.

Go to Te Aro's blog to read up on Andy and Chris recent adventure to Guatemala Origin trip and discussing processes... from cherry to dried coffee bean.

Wait, don't the beans on the LEFT look a little odd, they're more red than the normal green beans.

Honey Process
my friend.

The mucilage (a thick, gluey substance filled with proteins and sugar) that covers the bean is left on during the washing phase. As the beans go through the drying phase the remaining mucilage produces the red glowing tinge. It's said to generate an amazing, sweeter taste compared to a fully washed bean.

Farmers have traditionally chosen the coffee cherries during the middle of harvest season, as they've found the cherrys to be naturally packed with more sugars and oozes with "honey" sweetness.

It works quite well in the Panama Rio Serreno.
This mircolot located 1600-1750m in elevation produces some of the sweetness coffee I've tried this season, highlighting a ripe juicy sunburst orange with hints of sweet tobacco.

Te Aro's mandate stands as this: Buying Green beans and developing relationships with farmers and brokers creates the dialogue for a healthy future.

Working as a seasonal blend, find the Rio Serreno in Elevens til they run out.... which could be soon.
Roasting at Te Aro happens Monday to Wednesday from 6:30am - til they finish their batches... 9:00am ish

With the newly install Diedrich Micro Roaster (similar to Detours), plus the heavy duty afterburner, it's quite the change from the previous air drum roaster. They closed down the shop for a couple of days to install this gem, (remember?). So it's looks like 2011 started with a new challenge mastering the Diedrich. The Roasting team consists of Andy, Thiago and Chris, the three-man all-star team have honed their styles and have done an amazing job delivering the prefect roasting profile for TeAro customers.

Earlier last week I popped into the shoppe to have a chat with Thiago and watch the Roasting process happen. Usually I must admit, I don't go to TeAro until the afternoon/evening, but this invitation couldn't be missed.


 It seems as if Thiago is playing with his iPhone, but you'll find that the Roasting Team uses the innovation of apps to store their temperature manipulations and roasting times to create the ultimate roasting profile.
Allowing them to store the data, means that reproduction is possible or fine-tuning from previous roasts. Like other roasting teams, data collection, note taking, and recipe perfection means that an extra second could accentuate certain properties: sweetness, brightness, or turn those individual attributes of the bean into unwanted tastes. Quite amazing how temperature, air flow, and roasters knowledge all play a huge role.

Don't forget to visit Te Aro on Friday's at 12:30pm for their public coffee cupping. You might even see me there one of these Fridays... sooner rather than later.

Happy Hump Day

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