Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NY: Ninth Street (Chelsea Market)

Ninth Street Espresso
Address: 75 9th Ave. (Between 9th & 10th Ave)    
Neighbourhood: Chelsea
Borough: Manhattan
Tel: 212-228-2930 website, twitter

Former stomping grounds for the National Biscuit Company - baking everything from Oreos to saltines has become modernized and after a bit of a transformation,  its' become a must visit location for any New Yorker. Described as the a postindustrial theme park interspersed with food stores and restaurants lined throughout the main floor.
Inside of Chelsea Market, the lushish aromas start to tickle your nostrils as you stroll through the hallways allowing your imagination get the better of you wind down the path to Ninth Street Espresso. Coming around the corner of the winding path, I spotted a line-up at 8am... NO way.
It was Ninth Street with a line-up 9 people deep.

On this day, there were artists finishing off the world map that looked like a fresh mosaic on the back wall. Local artists commissioned to paint, and beautify their kiosk/stand-up bar... The location caters to the take-away crowd.
Machine: La Marzocco
Beans: Alpahbet City Blend
Roaster: Intelligenstia
Located: Chicago, OH
Grinder: Mazzer
Turnover: High - take-away, and stand up for espresso only.

Triple shots, triple shots, triple shots! rich creamy, molasses infused with Walnut/Almond butter.
Amazing mouth feel that creates long subtle but warranted lingering taste.

WARNING: Photos coming up!

Ninth Street Barista:suggested that I should really try Alphabet Blend in milk, so I took her up on the offer and did a Macchiato.

Verdict: warm semi-sweet milk chocolate bar with almond fudge. Do I even need food? - clearly espresso will keep me alive.
Only 102 more shots of espresso until I'm toast.
More fun to be had until the day is done....

Guess I should hop back onto the L train and get myself over to the Lower East Side...
Gotta make Brunch on time right?! Is it fashionable to be late -- when you're a visitor to town.....
Can I possibly sneak over to the Tompkins Square - Ninth Street Espresso....

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