Sunday, February 27, 2011

NY: Cafe Grumpy (Greenpoint)

Address:193 Meserole Avenue
Neighbourhood: Greenpoint
Borough: Brooklyn
website; @cafegrumpy ;(718) 349-7623

Coming over on the G line and popping up at Greenpoint Stn, meant a bit of walk through an area saturated with Polish food. What's better is that we stopped in for lunch. Need to refuel for proper EA.
After filling our tummies, we walked over to this clearly cute neighbourhood cafe.
Stepping inside the doors made me feel instantly apart of the hive-network and creative energy in the room. As is typical to cafe culture, chatter and laptop action was prominent. A Long communal table played home to 5 Macs, with couches and smaller tables for close chatter.
The back home to the Roaster, with more tables dispersed throughout/. (read: next post). Exposed brick walls. warm hues of orange, I could definitely sit here for hours.

How did this location land on my map:
One of NYC prominent local roasters!
Plain and simple. Sourced right, roast right.
They even have a killer name for their seasonal espresso blend: Heartbreaker.
History of the Heartbreaker:  Cheryl once described a macchiato as a “heartbreaker”…as in it was so delicious, it melted or broke her heart. When we had our espresso-naming contest, Liam remembered this and shouted out “heartbreaker.” He won a Chemex, and we won the name.
Machines: Synesso
Grinders: Mazzer Robur for Heartbreaker
Beans: Seasonal Blend.
Dec '10 - Colombia Matambo
               Colombia El Meridianio
               Costa Rice Los Angeles
Roasters: Cafe Grumpy (Own) 
Temp: 195 degrees Fahrenheit
Size: 1.5ish ounces in 27 sec
Turnover: Busy, but more people hang-out here
Popular: Brewed/Filtered Coffee
Feature Brewing style: Pour-Over (Kone Filter) 

Verdict: Rich Balance of sweetness but has that resounding dark chocolate syrupy mouthfeel.
Frontal Palette: Bright citrus.

syrupy sweetness, but had a clean texture that felt refreshing sip after sip. Lingers enough, that you remember the tingling sensation, but doesn't sit enough that you're satisfied. As such you crave MORE.

Upcoming post: Chat with Caroline, and Liam (Roasting Team), about the troubles of local roasting and why Brooklyn.


  1. That's interesting, Cafe Grumpy in Manhattan does not ALLOW laptops, let alone provide wi-fi. Nonetheless, had a nice tasting of 3 single origin brews on the clover. Didn't try the espresso there. (Sad face).

  2. The Chelsea location is much smaller, and if they did allow laptops, that'd be a tripping hazard.
    You'll love the post I do for Chelsea when I finally get around to it.

  3. Fantastic write up - I haven't checked out Cafe Grumpy yet the last time I was in New York.. I only had enough time to check out Stumptown in the Ace Hotel.

    Will definitely have to swing by Brooklyn the next time I'm in the area!

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