Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Experience: Noir Coffee and Tea

Noir Coffee and Tea
Address: 701 St. Clair West
Neighbourhood: Wynchwood Barns
website @noircoffeetea Tel: 416.651.8302

A 1950s chic-inspired decor, located near Wynchwood on St.Clair West brings a fushion of Japanese tea house, espresso bar, and a heavy competitor for Starbucks. Not that we have anything against major corporations, but local is what local does. Seems like a good idea, right?!
First thing I noticed upon entering the cafe was the ambiance it created. The lighting really works well with the white ceilings as it helped to illuminate the cafe, creating this :LARGE space. Not quite the "black" I envisioned from the exterior, but a warm invitation. This was became more airy and warm inside which is a huge plus.Various large paintings covered the exposed beige bricks, while a black granite bar area was set-up, with black stools living up to the "noir" namesake.
Machine: 2-Group Victoria Arduiro (Simonelli)
Beans: Bullet Espresso
Roaster: Reunion Island
Grinder: Mazzer - Robur

Verdict: Balanced shot - with a bright aftertaste, similar to toasted dull licorice. Pulled in a 4 oz. cup, and the shot took a while to reach the porclein, but once I allowed the espresso to cool it became very acidic.
Tons of Crema creating a bunch of noise....

I also noticed that there was a sign limiting the use of wifi to 2 hours. I'm not one to sit in a cafe for extended periods of time, but this is a business and I can understand why the owners put this sign up to deter people from squating. It creates the discussion about "free wifi" brings more customers -- but higher turnover?

I will note that the Arduiro machine was eye candy.
Designed by Nuova Simonelli - offical WBC sponsors -- so you know that there is quality in the technology. It reminded me of a buffed up Indy racecar (sans sticker madness), but more new car look and feel. Illuminated body makes it one sleek machine.

I'll leave you with some photos of my trip.
Definitely glad that St. Clair Streetcar construction has finally finished.

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