Friday, April 15, 2011

East-end staple: Tango Palace Coffee Company

"Quintessential East End Cafe"

Address:1156 Queen Street East
Neighbourhood: Leslieville 
Tel: 416.465.8085
Having been at this location for as long as I can remember,  almost approaching 20 years. Having a super chill, cozy environment and a amazing hours of operations. This is better than the coffee shop on Friends, no Gunther, just jam packed round tables and cushy seats for Leslieville first coffee hangouts.
Appeasing everyone from the early morning crowd to the late night owls (7am-11pm). This is one of the shops I can just melt an hour away no problem.

Machine:Vintage machine - Manual controls

Espresso: la connoisseur coffee
Roasted: Scarborough
Other:Kicking Horse - Vancouver (Organic FT)

Verdict: Balanced smooth blend that works well. Chocolate with spice (ginger/peppercorn) and earthy tones. Cheated with an americano photo from the first espresso adventures, but I thought I'd do I throw back tribute.

Honestly, it's my go to late night coffee location.
Can we say that Toronto needs some better hours of operations to support the late night crowd.....
There are only so many 24hr hotel lobbies that one can "lounge at" but doesn't necessarily mean that there is going to be decent coffee....

Where do you go for coffee beyond 8pm?

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