Saturday, April 23, 2011

Siphon @ Mercury

Slow-brew, hand pour, pour overs, siphons the tread for 2011?
Spotted: Mercury Espresso Bar
Method: Siphon
Price Tag: $5.75 Sm (enough for 2 cups)
Crafted preparation for a specifically brewed cup of coffee is what I admire. I can do this at home, but the cafe experience with their industrial grinders, and freshly rotated beans adds that "magic" factor.I'll wait that 5-10 minutes for a well-made coffee.
But is it worth the price tag? I say so: 2 small cups, making it about $3 per cup seems reasonable for the time and effort that the barista attends to the brewing. So why'd I try the Siphon?

Main reason - I dont own a Siphon - plus I also don't have a storage room filled with Geogre Howell's Coffee.... with that said:

Last week I made the trip over to the Mercury and had Nolan fire up the Siphon...

Coffee information:
The 40-yr old coffee trees located in a high altitude micro-climate produce even ripening producing a sweetness.

Farm: Concepcion Buena Vista
Region: San Martin Jilatepeque
Variteal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 5800-6500 ft.
Farmer: Bernando Solano
Roasters: Terroir Coffee
Located: Acton, Mass. (just outside of Boston)
Also @dougsparks enjoys this new coffee

Verdict: After an long couple of minutes for the coffee to cool from blistering hot my palette was ready.
Large floral/strawberry notes.with a light airy orange feel was prominent sip after sip. Light - similar to misting rain, or the mist you feel 10 ft. away from the waterfall. A truly amazing single-origin from Guatemala. As I continued to consume the coffee, vivid memories of a sweet candy coated orange liquor sponge cake that melts upon the piercing of the fork, enters my thought process. Noting really like cake, but the floral, orange tones remind of this decadence I once had in SF... oh Cali


  1. I'm sure it was great, but unlike trying to do espresso at home, the siphon is definitely worth the investment at home. Then pick up an occasional bag of wonderful coffee at your disposal in TO or mail order (e.g. Square Mile)... You will have an hard time ordering brewed coffee again at all, but the best cafes...

    Go out and buy a 3 cup Hario set up and butane burner (not Yama)... You will not regret it... I bought mine at Myriade, around the time they first opened a few years ago. If you can't find Hario in YYZ, then check out

    A very dependable mail-order dealer of all things Hario in Burnaby, BC. I have bought many things from them and all were delivered perfectly and without hassle.

  2. great idea.
    maybe that'll will be my next purchase!
    sometimes I feel "slightly" overboard with the coffee equipment repetorie that I have accumulated.

    Definitely have been looking into the Siphon, just have really given the thought of a purchase. Since espressosnob has suggested... I will contemplate this more :D

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