Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer watch: Cold Brew

Weather Alert!! Hot days ahead (thehehh)

Spotted: Te Aro and Crafted
Address: 983 Queen East, 135 Ossington Avenue.
Neighbourhoods: Leslieville and lower Ossington Strip

Cold-extraction brewed for 8 hours with one pot being brewed overnight in some cases is on display at both locations run by Te Aro.
You might be able to catch the coffee equipment in action if you get there in the morning.

The cold-process coffee system is a no-tech, extraction method using cold water and coarsely ground coffee beans. This means that the bitter compounds and the acidity associated with traditionally brewed coffee is gone.

For those looking for coffee that doesn't turn our tummies, or something to enjoy on hot weather-patio appropriate days ahead, it might be a good idea to give this type of brewing process a taste.

Currently the brew is being offered with two types of beans at Te Aro
Colombian (on the left)-dark syrupy chocolate, big punch! I choose this one.
Little Bro (on the right) - lighter, more floral subtle citrus punch. Jasmine Tea like.

Price tag: $4 for 6oz.
Go check it out.

Happy Espresso Adventures!

For more information check out:

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