Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bean Talk: TFN; Not Your Average Joe

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I waited patiently for my new American Weight - Pocket Scale to arrive from US - by way of

So I decided to bust it out to try the new sample package of
The Fresh Coffee Network's: Not Your Average Joe

Having just discovered that TFCN provides locally roasted bean for many resto establishments, it seemed fair to try and get my hands on their beans. Drake, Fresh, Gilead... (all future posts)

Method: Hario V60 (Hand Pour/Pour Over)
Beans: Not Your Average Joe
Origin:Peru, Ethopia, Sumatra
Grinder: Hario Slim Hand Grinder
Stats: 22g, producing 400g of coffee
Timing: 35s Pre-Brew, 3:40 Total Brew Time.

Verdict: Nice smooth blend, not really pushing too far in the bright category. No eye-defining features, but a nice overall smoothness that is very centrally minded. This blend is defined as medium, and it's very neutral.
Gets more punchy as the coffee cools, allowing the Ethopian florals to come out.
Final Thoughts: Great to win over non-indie coffee drinkers that are looking for some middle ground.

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