Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Address: 71 Worth Street
Neighbourhood: Tribeca
Borough: Manhattan
website, @rbcnyc

Needed to stretch the legs - went for a walk, had to cut many other locations that I wanted to do in EAST village - but needed to be prompt for my 11amish meeting with Cora - manager of RBC.
Having heard that RBC housed the SLAYER machine- which is the limited/ exclusive machine from Seattle. Amazing technology that allows the barista to change the bar pressure during the extraction of the shot.

Had trouble getting my bearings as it was already 11 AM and the sun was shining at the peak behind the towering skyscrapers. There was no way if I could tell what direction I was walking in. I followed a bunch of people walking at lightning speed head towards NYU campus = which I knew from my research was close to RBC NYC

Once I arrived on site - I had a great chat with Cora one of the acting managers of the cafe. I was excited to give the SLAYER a try - but it just so happened that the machine was down, and needed to be serviced. Out of Luck I hung my head down == but don't fret missy there were other brew methods to try.
Brew methods by the cup: Woodneck, Aeropress, V60.
accompanied by a menu from known roasters in the US: Ritual, Counter Culture, barismo, Brown, mad cap, Klatch, heart and 49th Parallel.

WOW that was a mouthfull. Not to be outdone, they have an array of grinding equipment

Having seen the Aeropress at the Canadian Coffe and Tea show in the Fall, and I kick myself that I didn't pick it up.... had to be the second choice after 'spro.

Process: Aeropress
Beans: Worka Natural Sundried
Where: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Roasters: Counter Culture Coffee
Located: Durham, NC

Verdict: Yirgacheffe region is by far one of my most loved - go to regions. It's described on the board as a "bowl of berries" --- LUSH fully ripped blackberry composte with flavour popping blueberries and sweet sweet strawberries for the winning mouthfeel.
LOVED everything about the brew method to the bean selection from the wonderful people at Counter.

Their philosphoy: bringing hand-crafter brewed cups of coffee to every single customer that walks in. Tribeca is a transient neighbourhood, but to offer the selection of brew styles with a great space is a bonus. 

As for the space: there is a large communal table - and a flat screen TV that shows the resident building dog swimming thearpy -- that was a little trippy.

WARNING: no washrooms at this location!!!!

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