Friday, May 13, 2011

Croissants and Coffee: Clafouti

Address: 915 Queen West
Neighbourhood: Queen West/ Trinity-Bellwoods

Where do you hit up when you're in one of those weekend ruts? Switch it up by heading to Trinity-Bellwoods and people watch. Across the street from the urban park is home to Clafouti.
Known for it's amazing patisseries, case in point. The beloved Croissant, brings back cheerful memories of Paris. Just a year ago I was in the Eurozone - enjoying more time then expected due to the Volcanic Ash disaster - or fortunate opportunity. In a good triubte, my friend had pointed me to BlogTO's recently updated "Best of Croissants" list. Only fitting that I'd be enjoying spot 1, most voted for by BlogTO readers

The shop doesn't premit too many seats - maybe a maximum of 8, with line-ups already pumping by the time we arrived in the afternoon. Surprised there were any left for us.
They also have a nice blue bench outsie to take in the Toronto air. Or to keep a watchful eye on your bike, as we know Igor's Lair was just a couple of doors down (now transformed into a resto...but one can never be sure)
Machine: ECF
Beans: FTO Espresso Blend
Roaster: Balzac's
Located: Kitchner, ON

Verdict: Headshakes. Disappointed, but expected the outcome. The Blend seems too busy, with more acidity than at Balzac's locations. Seemed unfair to have meh coffee with delectable croissants rich in butter! The shot wasn't complementing anything about the pastries that were adorning the walls. PASS on the coffee

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