Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Experience: T.A.N Coffee (Baldwin)

T.A.N Coffee
Address: 39 Baldwin Avenue
Neighbourhood: Baldwin Village
website, @tancoffeeto, tel: 647-352-8550

T.A.N. Baldwin Village as been on my to-visit list for a while, and seeing as it's tucked away in the heart of Downtown, in the bubble known as Baldwin Street it was a win-win for everyone.
Second location for Lay Yong Tan, (read up on the roasting location here)
The cafe has been in operations for 2 months, and they're already collecting a reputation for regulars. Painted in a summer glow of yellow, with white walls and nicely decorated interior, it's getting the right sort of attention. With a two table patio "fenced" off by a couple of large plants, it's a great patio to enjoy the iced drinks of the summer. The north facing cafe allows ample sun in with a large glass storefront.
As you walk into the long narrow cafe, the wooden floors with wooden patio-style tables and chairs creates a nice haven to sit back and relax.
Located near student campuses of UofT, OCAD, and Michener many stop in to enjoy the free wifi.
Machine: 2 Group Aurelis Nuova Simonelli
Grinder: Mazzer Robur
Beans: Espresso Blend (Dark roast)
Composition: Cup of Excellence El Salvador, and Fair-Trade Colombian
Roasters: T.A.N
Location: 992 Queen Street West
Cost: $15 for 3/4lb (12 oz.)

Verdict: Nice mellow HUGE Chocolate flavours, meyer lemons, very distinct clean mouth feel. Rounded brightness as the espresso start to cool with a molten chocolate cake texture. Ooozing with syrupy goodness. Will I be back - 90%.
Which do I prefer?
Queen West. But i love the downtown charm of this shop.
Espresso Adventure for the long weekend. Trying to see how many cafe patios I can ring up!
Thoughts about NYC -- I'll fly over. 
Enjoy the SUN

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