Friday, May 6, 2011

ideal (Ossington)

Ideal Coffee
Address: 162 Ossington
Neighbourhood: Ossington Strip

Ossington Strip - HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!

With the ban lifted on shops, it's just popping with restos, bars, and cafes. Foodies... relish here.
Hmmm, another ideal coffee location to please the hipsters in the area might need to switch up from the kensington crowd.
As you enter into the cafe it's very laid back - rec room feel with some canadian folk playing in the background - Daniel Michel styles.
Feels like that corner store home feel. Literally on the corner - facing these new townhouses that just pop up.

Atompsphere reflects the neighbourhood - with the ecceltic mix of furniture available to sit on, small outdoor pinic style lounge area, and open kitchen concept to attract the kind folks of Toronto.

Machine: Gaggia (Retro Machine)
Beans: ideal espresso blend
Composition: custom blend (7 countries - seasonal rotation)
Roasters: ideal coffee
Located: Kensington Market - Toronto

Verdict: Go with something milk-based.
Americano was weak.
Much more superior at Kensington.
Choose a latte made in a nice mug. Great way to just read the paper and enjoy the local coffee scene on a sunny Saturday afternoon. --> Maybe I'll see you tmr.

If you need a good shot of espresso - you might want to do Crafted, LIT of the Common.

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