Sunday, May 29, 2011

NY: Culture Espresso

Culture Espresso
Address: 72 W 38th St.
Neighbourhood: Midtown/ Times Sq.
webiste, @cultureespresso, Tel: 212 302 0200

Serving Flat whites, raised eyebrows... Found out that the owners are from Sydney, AUS.
With wall to wall window-front, it's a little hidden as there is some scaffolding outside, but chalk drawn signs help you find your way as your coming off of 6th Ave. (Avenue of Americas).

Once you walk in, there are friendly staff to greet you, with two decadent chandeliers hanging from the rafts. Narrow 6 seater counter located in the middle, window marble topped bar allows for people watching and a soft banquette and 3 wooden tables fill the rest of the space.
Fills the space well.

Machine: 2 group Cyrna Synesso.
Grinder: Mazzar Robur
Beans: SO Brazilian Daterra Estate
Roasters: PTs
Located:  Topeka, Kansas.

Special Feature: Cooper Piping Brew Bar, using Beehives for single cup brewing.
Added Bonus: They also will pull Black Cat

longer than normal tight triple ristretto NY syrupy shots, it's full of bright notes of blueberry, chocolately goodness.
Pulled longer than what I've been having...
enjoyable nonetheless.
All shots are triple ristretto.
Is it a NYC law to wear chapeaus? I'm noticing this trend...every since those charming chaps at Stumptown (ACE hotel) swooned me over.

Hmmm.... Jacked up on caffeine...
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  1. Yes, the NYC fedora thing: