Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Experience: Jimmy's Coffee

Jimmy's Coffee
Address: 107 Portland Avenue
Neighbourhood: Fashion District/King West
website   @Jimmyscoffee

Quiant Coffee in the hustle and bustle of King West?
Let's be honest here, it's an amazing location smack-dab in Central Toronto. Where does it find it's place in King West and Fashion District land where the hordes of condo-dwellers come to sip their sorrows away. They've created that need, and they neighbourhoodies come in drones.Let's just say, it's a great way to people watch on a weekend afternoon. All the sunglasses and chic comfort wear, clearly just waking up to grab their "morning" brews. But that's an over generalization, it's charm can win over the most toughest critics. A once kept secret, is exploding at the seems for fresh faces to destroy their secret hiding spot.
It's been exposed as a great place to enjoy well pulled shots of espresso. Front and Back Patio--- LUSH

As you walk in, the space isn't too wide - maybe 7 steps across. Scattered with small marble square tables, the bar and Aruelia greet you with a shiny hello. Going for that warm charm, over flashy modern, is a winner. Pulling only beans from Rufino keeps the footprint local.
With the constant rise of wholesale coffee beans, I noticed a letter to customers advising them that prices would rise competitively, and pass the cost onto their clients. Much respected, as coffee prices have been at a all time high. It ends with a nice closing from Jimmy's owners - a personal touch.

The Barista were very warm and welcoming and not intimidating. They answered questions from my friend - about their tea selection, and where they sourced the leaves. I tuned out during the conversation to stare up at the detailed ceiling tiles. With the window in the back of the building allowing natural light to shine though, infuses life into the cafe.

3 Group Aurelia - Nouva Simonelli
Grinder: Mazzer Robur
Beans: Michele Espresso Blend
Roaster: Rufino
Located: Concord, ON (near Thill)

Verdict: Rich sweet syrupy chocolate with a cherry explosion upon hitting your mouth.Amazingly pulled in a super thick walled espresso cup. Great precision from the barista.

If you're in the area - choose Jimmy's.
If you want to see some great fashion icons in the comfy clothes - here's a great place to see them as well.

Espresso Adventure away - What are you doing for the long weekend?


  1. Now I need to check out again I think.

    On my last trip through TO, I walked into Jimmy's looked around, at the machine, the beans in the hopper and decided to leave. I really didn't need another spro and already had one really bad ashy one at cloud, so when I saw the really really dark, oily beans in the hopper I got scared off.

    Yet, you didn't describe any burnt, ashy, or smokey qualities, just choc and cherry...

    I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover...

  2. EspressoSnob,

    You're right about judging a book by it's cover.
    Sometimes for reporting purposes we subject ourselves to ashy/burnt/unpleasant espro...

    Sometimes Rufino is a hit or miss for me, but on this afternoon - it was on the ball.

    Hopefully we can do some Espresso Adventures if you're in town.

    Espresso Adventures away!

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