Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NY: Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Williamsburg
Address: 160 Berry St
Neighbourhood: Williamsburg
Borough Brooklyn, New York 
website, @bluebottlenyc (718) 387-4160

Spring time awaits us, and a trip back to the Big Apple called me over - so the invitation was accepted. Instead of living over in Greenwich Village in the city, I needed a different game plan. It was decided that Brooklyn would be the base location. In particular Williamsburg, located on the L line - it seemed fitting for a visitor to have the best of both worlds. The city within 10-15minutes on the L line and the local artisan feel of emerging Williamsburg. Being impressed with Cafe Grumpy, and Oslo - it made me want to become a local for the week that was to be spent in NYC. H Factor in full force! Team Canada let's GO! Bit of a rain delay - but BK we got you.
 The Drink: Cold-Brew New Orleans served with milk and slightly sweetened

Recipe from Blue Bottle: Just prior to preparing concentrate, grind one pound of coffee at a very coarse grind. Add one pound of ground coffee and entire bag (1.5 o.z.) of roasted French chicory to stockpot. Add 2.5 quarts of water. Stir. Let steep 8 - 12 hours in covered stockpot at room temperature. Strain through fine meshed metal sieve into a jar. Straining is much easier if you carefully break the crust of coffee grounds with a spoon before pouring. Coffee concentrate should resemble used motor oil. 
Yield will be 4-5 cups of concentrate. Add 3 oz. of simple syrup to concentrate and stir. 
Serve over ice and add milk to taste. 
Unsweetened concentrate keeps for 5-7 days. 
Sweetened concentrate is best for only one day. 
Once milk is added it is best for only a few hours.
Verdict: Sinfully delicious. Refreshing signature coffee drink, and fitting since the weather was in the high 70 while we were in town. Great way to bypass time while we waited for the kitchen to open at our determined dinner destination. Great walk around the hood to soak in the hood.

The Game plan: Land in Newark - get settled in our apartment and off to the races.
The goal: 15 new cafes - while visit some old favourites.

Preview: Every Tuesday I will be featuring  a new NYC cafe in chronological order during my stay. Some were multi-cafe Espresso Adventures.
Also look forward to my side-trip to Baltimore to join Samuel of Keffa Coffee on our trip into DCs cafe  Special visit to Andy Sprenger and Cafe Pronto headed to World Brewers Cup in Maastrict, AMS. happening June 22-24 .

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