Friday, May 27, 2011

Ethiopian: Coffee geeking

Misty Friday Evening.
Spotted: Manic Coffee
Hosted by: Matt and Steve from Social
Coffees: Kochere Yirgacheffe, Ardi from Sidamo all Ethiopian.
Roasters: Cafe Pronto, Social Coffee Co.
Located: Annapolis, MD and Richmond Hill,ON (latter)
Importer: Keffa Coffee - Townson, MD
Verdict: rose petal, floral-tea like, berry. Love the body of this roast.
From social: way higher acidity--just explodes upon your taste buds, super delicious pop! Lemony-sweet.
Made a trip with Samuel from Keffa Coffee last week to visit Andy Sprenger. from Cafe Pronto. He used this same roast to win the US brewers cup earlier this month in Houston, TX during the SCAA 2011. He will now fly to Amsterdam and compete at worlds. Good luck!
(More from my trip to DC, MD and NYC in the weeks to come)
Excited about these Yirgacheffe, and all the new coffees coming through.
Espresso Adventures.
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