Friday, May 20, 2011

Crossiants and Coffee: Nadège Patisserie

Nadège Patisserie
Address: 780 Queen West
Neighbourhood: Queen West/ Trinity-Bellwoods

Continuing on with our Crossiant series brings us to Nadège Patisserie located in hustle and bustle of Queen West - right across from Trinity-Bellwoods Park. This space has won the ARDIO award, Design Exchange Gala Award and no kidding the place is amazing. Smack dab in Central Toronto with an in-house made French bakery in the back/ full force patisserie and showcase in the front perfectly lined with white chairs, tables and counter space. You'll find it's always packed - but more so on the weekend as 9-5ers get their fix of decadence.

Rumours are true - they just opened up a location in Rosedale... more info soon.
Known for their delectable pastry made with great execution by Nadege Nourian and Team - all treats- all full flavour. 
Teamed with front of House partner Morgan McHugh ex-design head - the pair have transformed this corner to be the space to visit pre-during-and post visit to the park.
Let's get to the Coffee.

Machine: ECF
Beans: Espresso Blend
Roasters: Cafes Richard
Located: France
Coffee is very ashy and bitter, typical Paris Espresso. HORRIBLE. Just get your sweets. Might be good in milk      based drinks......but not straight-up espresso.


Come for the food - pass on the espresso. Did I mention that they have wait staff and a patio along Bellwoods? Definitely a place to be seen, but be weary of caffeine. Hopes for improvement - unlikely as they're pretty set on importing this roaster straight from France. No hate on being French - just not my flavour profile, when there are other better cafes on Queen West.

Great spot to people watch Trinity-Bellwoods and the Queen West bodies. #lush.
Are you Espresso Adventuring this Long Weekend? Fireworks perhaps?
Let me know.....


  1. Hopes for improvement - unlikely delonghi esam3300 pros cons as they're pretty set on importing this roaster straight from France.

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