Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Experience: The Mascot

The Mascot
Address: 1267 Queen West
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
website, @WeAreTheMascot

Part cafe / part art gallery - this Large storefront fits right into the burgeoning Parkdale scene. Already turning 1 year old , it's a new pup in the cafe scene.
What makes this space work?
The first part of the space is dedicated to the "cafe" with a sparse collection of wooden tables and nicely accompanying chairs that fits right into the gallery space. As you step into the back with a collection of gallery pieces and  antique chairs lying around.

Machine: Victoria Ardunio 3 lever manual espresso machine
Beans: Bullet Espresso
           Brazilian, Ethiopian, Sumatran
Roasters: Reunion Island
Located: Oakville, ON

Verdict: Not hating on the Manual Machines - as I know they can be good (ideal in Kensington), but this espresso on this machine with the barista pulling for 11 seconds - tasted like ASH. I had one sip, and I put it back down, Crema was a dark brown composition. Seeing as the barista pulled the single I'm certain that all that was in my cup was the Heart of the espresso - and no body.
Nevertheless, I'm not sure I want to return back here.
I also believe that I'm not a huge Reunion Island fan = as I didn't like Red Rocket x 2, and Noir locations.....
To each their own.

Final note: Get inside for the modern/contemporary art pieces located within the cafe - but don't expect too much from the espresso. Take a photo outside with their friendly Mascot cutout sign = great for kids and adults alike. Be sure to ham it up for the camera Ossington and Ronsce crowd.
But I'll PASS on the coffee!

1 comment:

  1. AGREE !!

    Interesting space, although bit too eclectic. Coffee was burnt, as you suggested and thin too.

    No desire to go back, but would keep walking to Capital...