Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Rocket Coffee (Wellesley edition)

Red Rocket Coffee
Address: 154 Wellesely Street East
Neighbourhood: St. James Town

 Located on the ground level of a condo building gives enough space for the launch of Red Rocket Coffee (2nd location originating from East end charmer)
It has filled the void in St.James, where there didn't really seem to be a coffee presence. To the East (Jet Fuel - Cabbagetown), to the West (Letteri at Church). With the Baker's Dozen closed down, where could the locals go?
RRC2 seems to be to the location, but it seems to be a hard-sell amongst locals in the area, there doesn't seem to be a pressing caffinated crutch, but it's slowing changing the neighbourhood, as once desolate buildings become livable condos and townhouses in the area. Times are a-changing... good, bad... who's to say.

Local indie cafes seem to be expanding to multiple locations. This growing trend, where brands/markets are already known, is great for developing that coffee culture. Next step: a late-night coffee culture that isn't solely for those ready to lounge for wifi access. Can this formula work for?
Seems that Toronto has a tolerance for local indie brands, which is to say good for us (5.3M strong). Red Rocket 2 seems entirely different from the East end charmer. Not only is it much smaller, but there is no wooden deck patio, or ample inside seating.
Yet the multiple times I've arrived at this cafe - constant buzz.always.

Machine: Nuova Simonelli
Grinder: Mazzer
Beans: Bullet Espresso
Roasters: Reunion island
Located: Oakville, ON

Verdict:bit better than previous RI coffee.
Bright hints of berry goodness, and chocolate.
Machine was pulling non-stop, and turn-over seemed incredible given the location of this cafe.

Will they survive?
I think they're growing on their neighbours.
I'll leave you with a little geek:

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