Monday, May 30, 2011

First Experience: Café Pamenar

Café Pamenar
Address: 307 Augusta Avenue
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market (the Market)
website, e-mail, Tel: (647) 352-3627

Located in the Market, it seems that even Kensington can't be over saturated from Cafes. Counting more than a handful of locations seems that we are not short of options.
Start of the summertime fave - Pedestrian Sundays - Car Free Zone during the last sunday of May til October meant that there would be crowds. We welcomed the celebration with open arms as drones of Torontoians gathered to soak in performers and artists, while food vendors filled the air with succulant aromas. Everywhere you looked around - people were enjoying the weather and strolling through the glorious streets without a worry.
Travelling up and around Augusta lead me to this new spot next to Bikes on wheels. Cafe space next to a bike shop - seems logical to me. Right down the street from College and the entrance to Kensington is a Café Pamenar. They've opted to use Victoria, BC Roasters - Discovery Coffee.

They've transformers this narrow space and filled it with a long bar, communal table in the back and sprinkling of tables. When the weather is good, 3 pinici tables are filled in the back patio, with roll-up garage door allowing the cool breeze to whoosh through.

Touch of antique shopping doesn't go unnoticed with a old school weight and 25cent Viewing booth banner stretches along  back wall. The walls weren't bare - but had a collection of photographs that were tranquil and made the space inviting. 
Let's not forgot our laptop friends - Mac appropriate space.

Machine: La Marzocco Linea - 2 group
Grinder: Anfim
Beans: Espresso Blend
Composition: Panama Don Pachi,
                       Colombia Huila
                       Costa Rica La Candelilla

Roasters: Discovery Coffee
Located: Victoria, BC 
Roasters Notes: This is a versatile blend with delicate floral sweetness, hazelnut and cocoa notes, a syrupy body and honey sweet finish. Great for a variety of brewing methods.

Verdict: Balanced shot - mouth full of black cherries and a rich cocoa chocolate feeling with hints of citrus jasmine-like refreshing finish. Tons of Central presence in this seasonal blend. #Lush!

Enjoyed the fact that there was both a patio in the front and back. Ample seating and friendly staff, with attention to details. Looked like they were also carrying local Roasters (Social Coffee Co.) along with a couple bags from Phil and Sebastian... will we see more of a Western presence in Toronto?.... 

Need some noshing?
Panini selection ($7), with pastries from mainstay Circles and Squares. ($2-3ish).

Happy Espresso Adventures through Kensington.

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