Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seven Grams

Seven Grams Espresso Bar
Address: 131 Avenue Road
Neighbourhood: Yorkville
website, @twitter, 647-351-1317

Watching the Yorkville area transform into a cafe cultured location seems unwarranted. This is definitely an area where you'd love the clientele if you could attract them to stay. Seven Gram has re-designed the space on Avenue into a coffee haven, mobile office space, and third-party meeting hub (consisting of a plethora of tables in the lower level).
Using the entire building, the high ceilings create a spacious surrounding as you enter into the shop. Beautiful designed decor would be an understatement. They have clearly put a lot of thought into the details, not sparing anything from the logo to clean aesthetics.  it's everything that Yorkville embraces. Details, details, details - especially coffee.
Seven Grams could be just another typical third-wave, independent cafe riding the recent surge of shops popping up in unfounded territory - but Yorkville has been a void for independent coffee spots. Besides ZaZa, and restaurants in the area. The other options are chain-like locations - bux, second, letteri... 
So what's an Adventurer gots to do? Suck it up - and do big chains...Wait - did you say WholeFoods.... 
I must say - sometimes Wholefoods or Pusateri's has a good selection of brewed coffees - decent shots... I'm looking for a location with execution.

Here lies Seven Grams - filling the void with exception locally roasted coffee. Brew Bar, Trifecta (more later), and the Shiny LM GB5. Their baristas call for great attention, and it shows with they interact with customers. That enthusiasm translates into a great cup of joe.

The Basics:
Machine: La Marazzoco GB5
Grinders: Mahlkonig K30 TWIN
Beans: "House Blend", Big Bro
Roaster: Te Aro Roasted
Located: Leslieville, Toronto, ON

Verdict: Chocolate-velvet ribbons of sweetness ring through the balance of bold cocoa. Hints of lime, and honey.

Not only are they about great quality coffee, they also have an iPad cash register system. Definite Plus in my books.
Embracing technology and moving towards seemless innovations.


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