Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 CCRC: Day 2 Report

Barista Champion has been crowned. It was a tight race, with 10 points separting the top 2.
Full Results:

1. Geoff Woodley - Detour Coffee Roasters (Detour: SO Guatamelan Finca El Limonar)
                                                              Milk chocolate, Raspberries
2. Sameer Mohamed -  Fahrenheit Coffee (Te Aro: SO Kenyan Kandara)
3. Tyler Mastantuano - Te Aro (TeAro Brazil Fazenda Delarisse)
4. Alex Castellani - LIT Espresso (Stumptown - SO Ethiopian Duromina)
                           Red fruit and intensely floral aromatics open the floodgates for a dynamic coffee filled                               with raspberry and Asian pear flavors with a smooth, buttery finish like a macadamia.
5. Matt Songberg - Independent (Social - Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi)
6. Kate Fraser -     Cafe Pyrus  (Reunion Island - Cannonball - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Peru, Columbian)
 **Great to see 5 out fo the 6 finalist using local GTA roasters**

Tasters Cup:
Laura Perry from Bridgehead (Ottawa, ON) stole the show, laying it down against Kaelin from Detour Coffee and Matt from Manic.

Quick post, with more details to come.
Thank you to everyone that helped to pull off the expo. Great 2 days of Coffee, competition and great conversations.

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