Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Food for Thought: Bar Centrale

Terroni's Bar Centrale
Address: 1095 Yonge Street
Neighbourhood: Rosedale/Summerhill
website, @terrioni, 416-504-1992

Terroni is an Italian restaurant, focusing on quality dishes. They have several restaurants/ bars under their umbrella with 5 locations in Toronto and 1 in LA it's a mini chain in our books.
This newest location, is where you want to go for small plates recommended for sharing - similar to tapas style. Not only has the brand embodied some Italian-Canadian nuances, but inside the atmosphere feels like a train station hangout spot. Which is a good thing, as it's located in the neighbourhood of the historic Summerhill Station. It's philosophy is creating a space where the focus is on the enjoyment of flavours - whether it be in food, drink or company. This is a location where, the more the merrier. Make no mistake - they don't take reservations, but you can get a table if you show up at the right time.(more after the jump)

After a lovely lunch - the only logical thing to continue the conversation would be to enjoy Italian espresso.
Not to be outdone - but there demitasse cups had their branding.

The Basics.
Machine: Faema E61
Beans: Doppio Danesi
Composition: see notes below
From: Danesi Caffe(Italy)
Verdict: Traditional Italian Espresso with this smoky bright chocolate taste, pleasant shots that were pulled.
Company Notes:Danesi experts to create a unique product in its class in terms of harmony, quality and extremely sweet flavour. Danesi blend stands out for its special fineness, wherein the African and Brazilian Arabica Coffee confer smoothness and persistence to taste while the Washed Arabica from East Africa and Colombia heightens its long-lasting fullness, delicate notes of cocoa and velvet creaminess.   
Will Espresso Adventure include Bar Centrale in the Summerhill neighbourhood - Certainly, especially since their main focus is food - they've paid attention to the execution of the espresso shots here.
Can there be consistency? As within cafes, it really depends on barista, weather, beans, whole bunch of parameters... but it's good for me.

Should we be holding restaurant to the same standards as Cafe?
Certainly - espresso prepared by dedicated barista should have an expectation to pull shots. Whether in a cafe or a restaurant, it's using the same machinery. Espresso Machine, grinders... so there shouldn't be a different sliding scale. Hoping to showcase more restaurants that have good espresso.

Leaving you with some delicious food photos to drool over - and contemplate what you'll have at lunch!

Chacuterie plate 

Fish wrapped in a leaf - with barley
Lobster Ravioli

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